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Welcome to the Forest Lakes POA website! To navigate to different pages, mouse over the Menu items at the top of the page, and click on a link from the drop-down selection. If you are a Member and need a password, or have forgotten your password, just click on any menu item under "Property Owners" for instructions on obtaining or recovering a password.
Forest Lakes POA has an online community calendar. This calendar can also be viewed using an agenda view. In addition to viewing the calendar online, Members are able to subscribe to the calendar and receive email notifications.

Newsletters can be downloaded by going to the Property Owners > Newsletters menu.
The new Forest Lakes Pool Website is at:

See the new Forest Lakes Website at:

Community Pool Party - May 21st
Hope you can attend the Forest Lakes Community Get Together at the Pool on Sat May 21st (4PM - 9PM, rain date Sun May 22nd)! A fun filled day is planned for residents of all ages.

Help clean up the debris that has collected in coves, around the walking bridge and in other areas!
All Lakefront Owners need to clear along their own shoreline on or before May 14. The other volunteers will try to get to the other areas that only can be reached by a boat or kayak. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS WITH A BOAT, KAYAK, or CANOE TO ASSIST IN THIS EFFORT OF CLEANING UP OUR LAKES ON SATURDAY, MAY 14. ALL TO MEET AT THE FLOATING DOCK AT 9:00 A.M. READY TO WORK.

Annual Yard Sale - June 4, 2022
The Annual joint Forest Lakes and Lake Vista YARD SALE will be held on Saturday, June 4th (8 a.m. - 1 p.m.).
Please attach balloons to your mailbox post if you are participating that day!

May 2022 Newsletter
The May 2022 FLPOA newsletter is available to read and/or download: May Newsletter.

Forest Lakes Pool Opening

The regular FLPOA 2022 Pool season will begin on Saturday, May 28 and end on Labor Day, September 5th. Pool hours are from 11:00 am - 8:00 pm for residents and members. The Pool will be opening for Forest Lakes Residents only beginning May 14th.
We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable pool season this year!

Click on this link to visit the Forest Lakes Pool Website: New Pool Website

2022 Dues Reminder
Reminder: The 2022 dues (annual assessment) are $83.00 per month as of January 1, 2022. Please make sure to update your payments, especially if using an auto-pay approach.
2021 Annual Meeting
The FLPOA Annual Meeting was held on October 12th, 2021. Thanks to all who attended!
This years meeting was again held via teleconference. You can obtain the meeting documents on the Owner's section of this website at 2021 Annual Meeting Info.
At the meeting, five Directors were elected to 3 year terms to fill the five open positions: Deborah Hartman, Carlos Mejia, Linda Robinson, Sharon Sitterley, and David Western.
FLPOA Communications and Information

Please take note of the various means that your Association communicates information, and if you have not received any email from us in the past few months, be sure to provide your email address to Holly by using the "Contacts" menu item above and selecting FLPOA Admin to send an email to her, or call 434 385 1025 x6013. If you do not have an email address, please call Holly and let her know that as well. Pease be sure you are registered on the FLPOA website and FLPOA Pool website, as explained below. Note - critical information, such as the Annual Meeting notice, will still be sent by US Mail.

If you are an owner and have not registered on this website - you should because it has a wealth of useful information. To receive an Owner's account, send an email using the "Contacts" menu to the Webmaster with subject "Website Account Request" and include your name, address, and phone number.

All residents should register on the Pool Website,, whether you use the pool or not. There are the general notices when swim meets are scheduled, when pool closes and other notices as well. The Pool Manager coordinates late night swim with having a food truck where anyone in the neighborhood can order and pick up pizza from Upper Crest. We also have had other trucks like Kona Ice at different times. You will not receive these notices so that you can participate and enjoy these extra events if you do not register on the site. To register, go to the Pool website via the link below and click on "Register" in the upper right corner of the home page.
Click on this link to visit the new Forest Lakes Pool Website: New Pool Website

May 2021 Newsletter
The May 2021 FLPOA newsletter is available to read and/or download: May Newsletter.
It includes important information about the Forest Lakes Pool season and dredging project, among other things.

2020 Annual Meeting
The FLPOA Annual Meeting was held on October 6th, 2020. Thanks to all who attended! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this years meeting was held via teleconference. The Annual Meeting notice and information package was mailed on Sept 11th to all homeowners. You can also obtain the documents on the Owner's section of this website at 2020 Annual Meeting Info

Mailbox Posts Note
As a reminder, it is the responsibility of all homeowners who live in Forest Lakes subdivision to maintain upkeep of their property, including mailboxes. In a recent survey of all mailboxes in the subdivision, a number of mailboxes were identified as in need of either repair, painting, or at least a good cleaning. If you received a note about your mailbox post condition, please attend to the maintenance of your mailbox as soon as possible. We all want to keep our neighborhood looking well and maintain the values of our property, and our mailboxes are some of the first things a potential home buyer sees.
Please see the FLPOA Architectural Standards section 8.0 Mailbox Post/Paper Boxes for further details. The Architectural Standards can be found on this website at ARC Committee Page under "Documents". A new post can be provided at the expense of the homeowner. If you would like a new mailbox post, please send a request to Brownstone Properties Management - use the link here and select FLPOA Admin: Email Contact
New Forest Lakes Pool Website

The new Forest Lakes Pool Website is now online, offering a number of features. Residents can register for email and text notifications regarding pool news. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Pool will be open only for Forest Lakes Residents this season. Pool Monitor applications and Pavilion reservations can be made online at the new site.

Click on this link to visit the new Forest Lakes Pool Website: New Pool Website

December 2019 Newsletter
The December 2019 FLPOA newsletter is available to read and/or download: December Newsletter.

Our new management company, Brownstone Properties, Inc., will begin on December 1st.

December dues payment information has been mailed with a payment coupon booklet, and is also available here: Information regarding dues payments starting Dec 1, 2019

Brownstone has emailed an introduction letter, and information and instructions on how to pay your monthly dues once you have received your coupon book in the mail. A separate USPS mailing should have been received by all Members by about 11/16. If you did not receive this, please contact Brownstone at the address or email provided in the Dues Payments letter (link provided above). The Board has been continuously working with LightHouse and Brownstone to help coordinate this transition.
November 2019 Newsletter
The November 2019 FLPOA newsletter is available to read and/or download: November Newsletter.
The newsletter contains important articles including our Annual Meeting results and summary, management company change as of Dec 1st, info on fishing license requirements, pool planning update, dredging project update, and more.
Recycling attachment: County Waste - Acceptable Items for Recycling

2019 Annual Meeting

The FLPOA Annual Meeting was held on October 3rd, 2019 at the Forest Recreation Center. Details will be available soon in the November newsletter.
Annual Yard Sale - June 1, 2019
The Annual joint Forest Lakes and Lake Vista YARD SALE will be held on Saturday, June 1st (8 a.m. - 1 p.m.).
Please attach balloons to your mailbox post if you are participating that day!

Holiday Wishes! - December 2018 Newsletter
The FLPOA Board wants to extend our Holiday Wishes at this time of year to all of our residents!

The December Newsletter covers a variety of subjects and topics:
1. New Officers and Directors
2. Reminder of Dues Increase to $76.00/month as of January 1st
3. Several Safety/Security Articles: a. Bear sighting, b. Lock your cars, c. Walkers/Drivers, d. Vandalism at Playground
5. Covenant and ARC Issues: a. No Burning, b. PIF Form needed for ARC, c. Warning for Ice on lakes, d. Pets barking/under control at all times
6. New additional $100 fee when selling your home

The December newsletter
is now available to read and/or download: December Newsletter.
You can also view the County Waste recycle and trash pickup information and past newsletters at: FLPOA Newsletter.

2018 Annual Meeting

The FLPOA Annual Meeting was held on October 18th, 2018. Many thanks to all who attended, both in person and by Proxy!

A Year end summary and a summary of the recent Reserve study were handed out at the meeting, and have been added to the Annual Meeting document list and are available for download from the Resident's section of the website by clicking: 2018 Annual Meeting Documents.

Updates regarding Hurricane Florence and Pool Policy
On Monday (9/10) we began making preparations for a major storm event and wanted to explain what was in process regarding planning for a potential major rain event. Hurricane Florence Update.

An explanation of the Pool policy changes that were made at the end of the season can be read by opening or downloading: Pool Policy Update.

2018 Pool Membership Online Applications Available
New for 2018 - online applications and payments now available at:
The 2018 Pool Forms including Access card info, Policies, and Lifeguard Applications are also available: 2018 Pool Forms
Our New Management Company
It's official, effective January 1, 2017, LightHouse Properties became Forest Lakes POA's Professional Management Company. This change will largely be transparent for our members, but a few things will affect you directly. Those changes are outlined in the letter from LightHouse President, Tim Penick.
Most importantly, if you have automatic bill payment set up, please remember to change your Payee Address for Forest Lakes POA. Also, and this is effective immediately, please do not use Lake Vista's drop box at the Lake Vista Center - see additional info in Tim's letter.

Download the letters from our President, Sharon Sitterley, and from LightHouse Properties President Tim Pennick by clicking here.

These letters were mailed together to all of our membership in early December 2016. We look forward to having the support and experience of LightHouse working for us.

Letter to Members
Residents should have received a letter from the Board and Covenants Committee that was dated March 22nd 2016 (also available here). This letter was sent to all of our membership.
As we enter 'Spring clean up' time, we just wanted to provide a reminder to everyone of the importance of keeping our properties in good condition. Note that if a member does need to receive a letter from a Committee or the Board about a specific complaint or violation, the letter will be addressed directly to them, including name and address, and it will be specific in citing the issue being raised.
Again, thank you for your concerns and feedback, and for your efforts to keep our overall community in top condition.
Guest Fishing Policy Updated
The FLPOA Fishing Policy has been updated to allow for unaccompanied house guests, with written permission of the FLPOA member, to fish from Forest Lakes common areas. The authorization form is available on the Covenants and Lakes & Wildlife Committee pages, or can be downloaded here by clicking FLPOA Guest Fishing Authorization Form (.pdf).
ARC Standards Updated
The FLPOA ARC Standards have been updated and approved by the Board. The current revision, approved by the Board on November 19th, 2013, can be downloaded from here: Architectural Committee page.
New Spring Lake Dock
Thanks to numerous Forest Lakes volunteers working on three Saturdays this summer, the new Spring Lake dock was completed on August 4th and is ready for your enjoyment!

Property Owner Accounts & Online Forum
The FLPOA website Property Owner's section has two important changes:
  • Transition from a shared password to an individual user name and password for each property owner.
  • Addition of private community online forums, accessible from the Property Owners menu above.
In order to take advantage of either of these additions, property owners will need to fill out and submit a website account request form .
The previous shared password used to access the Property Owner's section no longer works.
Lawn Care Information
Information on Lawns, Gardens, and Landscapes is available by clicking on the image below:

[Click here for more info]

Forest Lakes Neighborhood Watch
Please call Brenda Terry (316-6044) if you are interested in participating in the Forest Lakes Neighborhood Watch program.
New Website Links
We have added a few links to help improve finding Association information. See the Dues Information, Lawn Care Info, and New Owners Info items from the General menu above.
If you have lost, or found, an article in the Forest Lakes area, you can email FLPOA-Lost-Found.
Forest Lakes Property Owners Association Playground
Forest Lakes Playground
Site Info and Feedback
The site is updated regularly, so please check back for news and information! We are always looking for recommendations and volunteers to develop site content. We'd welcome your comments and interest - just email us - Thanks!

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Please address any technical comments or questions to the FLPOA Webmaster.

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