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Community Calendar - How to Subscribe
Forest Lakes POA now has an online calendar to show when various meetings and activities are planned. In addition to being able to view this information online, residents have the ability to subscribe to this calendar to receive automatic reminder updates and notifications via email.

The first step to setup your own reminders is to have a Google account. This could be a Gmail account or a non-Gmail Google account. If you don't already have one of these accounts, you can quickly set one up using this link:

You can create the account using an existing email address, so this doesn't mean needing to monitor another email account. Once the account has been created you can go here to view your Calendar:

On the bottom left you will see a section called Other Calendars. At the top of this section, click in the plus sign (or edit box) and select Subscribe to calendar from the menu and type and press ENTER. FLPOA Official Calendar will also show up in the Other Calendars section. Now click the down-arrow to the right of FLPOA Official Calendar and click Notifications. Under Event Reminders click Add a Reminder. You can now create one or more email reminders that will be sent a set time before the events. So maybe you want a reminder a few days before the meeting and another reminder 30 minutes before the meeting. If you register your mobile phone with your Google account you can optionally receive reminders via text messages as well. Under the section Choose how you would like to be notified make sure that the first three options are checked/selected as well. These three options will allow you to get reminders when new events are added to calendar, as well as when existing events are changed or deleted.

Note regarding Gmail accounts: If you are using a Gmail account to subscribe to the FLPOA calendar, you can forward the notifications received in your Gmail account to other email addresses. This can be done by clicking on the Create a filter link at the top of your Gmail page. Add filters that forward emails from and to another email address of your choosing. These will need to be added as two separate filters. The steps to do this are to click on Create a filter, enter in one of the two email addresses above in the From: field, click Next Step, check the checkbox labeled Forward it to and enter the email address next to it. Then click Create Filter.

It is important to note that you don't have to actually use your Google Calendar from this point forward. Once you have done the steps above, you will automatically get notified in advance of all FLPOA events according to the reminder settings that you pick. This includes events added to the calendar after your registration.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please use the Contact Us link on the website.
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