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Responsibilities of Architectural Committee
  • Primary contact for residents to submit their building plans or requests (via the Property Improvement Form) prior to beginning any construction.
  • Review all pending plans and requests with the Board or distribute for approval.
  • Issue a letter on the disposition of approval or disapproval of these plans or requests.
  • If a resident is in violation of an Architectural regulation or bylaw the Committee will recommend to the Board an action plan for their consideration or approval to correct the problem.
  • Architectural & Covenants may overlap in reviewing violations both must work together with the board for plan of action.
For a current list of Committee Chairs, please see: FLPOA Committee Chairpersons.
FLPOA Property Improvement Form (for property improvement requests):
FLPOA Property Improvement Form (.pdf)

FLPOA Architectural Standards (note - Appendix A contains an outdated Property Improvement Form (PIF) - use the link above for the correct PIF form):
Architectural Standards Document (.pdf)
Architectural Standards - as recorded in Bedford Co Clerk's Office (.pdf)

FLPOA Silt Fencing Regulations:
Silt Fencing Regulations (.pdf)
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